The beginning (my beauty world)

So at the start of quarantine, I began to speak on my facebook about products I use, with casual reviews. I have been trying to think of how to start the conversation on this website on the beauty world, and I think I have landed on I am just going to cut and paste (somewhat) the original discussions I had, and products I mention. I’ll had link on to products of interests, and to products I have since added in, or tried.

As I did in this first conversation, I will let the replies govern where the discussion goes. Please feel free to participate, and in fact, I encourage it to know best way to grow how to best serve the public interest.

March 24, 2020:

I don’t think many of my feed will care, but I’ll ramble out a Beauty product review. First I’ve stopped wearing make up for over week now. First time since I’ve been 12. So that might add to why I think my skin is looking better. I also had a kick butt prestige system already but wanted to try a few new things for basic skincare. I don’t have ulta employee discount now, but they are running days of beauty and beauty products everywhere are on discount. So I’ve recently added juice beauty anti aging serum. It smells and feels great. I already use genifique and Kate Somerville wrinkle warrior. But this stuff just feels great. Genefique by lancome has always been the go to. It plumps the skin, gives the glow, but they haven’t evolved into the new market demand for cruelty free vegan products.

Kate Somerville is eh. This Juice beauty anti-aging feels good and smells good. It leaves my skin feels soft. As always with someone my age (46), results take at least 28 days. But the feeling of hydration and smoothing is instant.

I also added dermalogica sound sleep cocoon to night time. It’s the last layer on night system. It smells like a facial in a very good way and makes my skin feel soooo soft. I still use serum and night cream under it. But it seals it all and is a great top coat. 😂 If anyone has any gereral questions about products, ask away or message. I use stuff from almost all prestige lines and have my own favorites and things that I think just suck and get returned a lot. I’d appreciate not being seen as vapid for this post. 🤣. I get there is way more important things going on. But I also know there are others like me really into this stuff.

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