Sound Sleep Cocoon

You can click for details as the product wishes to share them. When picking a new night routine to try out, this is what stood out to me.

This product is:

  • cruelty-free
  • vegan
  • paraben-free
  • sulfate-free
  • phthalate-free
  • synthetic fragrance-free
  • has recyclable packaging

I had a great system I used for years from lancome that worked quite well, but with all the quality brands offering the results I want with the above as well,…well it was enough to make me invest in trying some new items. This product was one of them.

I have mature skin, but well taken care of. Tends to be dry and somewhat sensitive.

It isn’t meant to be a stand alone product. It is after a full face wash, tonic, serums, and night cream (to be reviewed separate.) I let that all soak in and add this just like the name suggests, as a cocoon to trap all that goodness in there for the night.

I picked this as my first official review, as I LOVE it. It smell great, it glides on, it’s light weight and I can’t help but feel my face at night because it feel so smooth with this over top.

With using so many quality products, it is hard to tell what does what. But I am confident this play a good part in keeping my skin hydrated, plum and glowing. Which helps those fine lines and uneven skin tone.

It has a fairly hefty price tag, but that is what this site is for. I wouldn’t be caught paying full price for it, and no need for you to do so either. There are several ways to save on this an other products, and I will try to list them all here.

Make sure you sign up with ulta loyalty program so you are all set when a prestige coupon is released. Dermolgica as a brand sometimes runs it own sales, and is often included when they do their days of beauty. If you are a part of their loyalty programs, they often run promos where you earn 4-5 times the points when buying this brand. So again, I will post when the options to save pop up.

As always, go through They offer between 2-10% back ulta at all times. If it is your first sign up, you get $30 just for doing so!

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